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UltraSoftDMS is an integrated Electronic Documents, Projects and Customers Management System.

Why UltraSoftDMS?
UltraSoftDMS integrates electronic documents management (EDMS), Projects Management (PMS) and customers relationship management (CRM) into one system and enables your organisation to work as a team from customer acquisition to project planning, resource allocation, designing, implementation and post-project maintenance phase.

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Automate Document and Project Management Process
  • With UltraSoftDMS create centralised database for contacts, projects/cases/jobs and documents, and as well as scan in any paper based documents or brings in any existing electronic documents.

  • UltraSoftDMS goes beyond any OCR/ scanner based document management systems by linking all document related information to the appropriate customer, owner and vital project related information.

  • UltraSoft DMS can be adapted within days to meet your business needs, to streamline your business process, and to increase overall business efficiency.
Combine UltraSoftDMS with UltraSoftTMS to add on and automate employee timesheet & expense function. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a quick on-line demonstration.

 Automate Document and Project Management Process

You do not have to change your business procedures to use this system, you can adapt our system to fit in your procedures.

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Selected features of UltraSoftDMS:

  • Manage documents, projects, contacts & employees within one system.
  • File and share emails with others.
  • Secure projects and documents.
  • Link documents to related project, customers and employee.
  • Automate document templates.
  • Merge project, contact and employee data to word and excel templates.
  • Automate creation, storing and filing of all documents,
    including drawings, emails and MS Office documents.
  • Manage project bidding process.
  • Manage all activities: tasks/follow-ups/meetings ...
  • Manage all project stages.
  • Customise UltraSoftDMS to fit your business process. 
  • Analyse data in real-time.
  • Create bespoke fields and forms.
  • Integrate with MS Office.
  • and do more ...

Key System Benefits of UltraSoftDMS

  • Streamline business process.
  • Save time and money .
  • Increase efficiency.
  • Stop duplication.
  • Improve corporate image.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Secure valuable information.
  • Intuitive + simple to use.
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 About UltraSoft Technologies

UltraSoft Technologies is a leading provider of software solutions used by multinationals and by small- and medium-sized enterprises. It applies the latest technology to integrate, simplify, improve and reduce the costs of common business processes used by all organisations regardless of size or industry.

UltraSoft Technologies is the market-leading provider of software solutions for the serviced office and managed workspace industry, engineering and architecture companies. Its latest system is becoming the de facto solution of choice for business centres, engineers and architects replacing their existing systems or starting out. UltraSoft Technologies was founded in 1998 by Harun Biswas, who has been working in the serviced office and engineering industry since 1994.